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About Morbid Approach

Founder of Morbid ApproachMorbid Approach used to be a Glam Metal band. Actually, it tried to be a Glam Metal band, because over the time of four years I did not manage to find musicians to participate. It's not like there were no musicians, but non of the guys I met had this idea of seeing Glam Metal like I do.

I'm not saying that my conception of Glam Metal is the only real conception. It's just that it is incompatible with the conception of the musicians I met. I'm not saying that I refuse to write Glam Metal songs in the future. I will do so, but I'm not going to propagate these songs to be the work of a band. They're just the work of me and an abstract construct which I call Morbid Approach.

That might sound like some kind of regression, but it isn't. if Morbid Approach were a real band, there would be four or five members, and it's hard to find a conclusion of what will be carried out to the world. When I am the only member, I can do whatever I want - and I will!

So, this means that you will ot only find my music here, but I'm gonna fill this site with lots of stuff like blog entries, tutorials, photos and all kind of things which have to do with music in general and with the life style of Glam Metal in particular.

If you have any ideas, suggestions or questions, don't hesitate to contact me.

Cheers and rock on,