Absence of Void

Release Date: 10/28/2020

Morbid Approach · Absence of Void


Verse I

The other night I was meeting my demons
I never met them before
I heard `em creeping and I heard `em knocking
so I opened the door
They fetched me for a journey to the end of my days
and showed me what I‘ve never scored
I thought I‘m gonna die, I saw the void in my eyes
I entered my memorie‘s store

Verse II

I‘m diving deep into my mental madness
my egocentric mind
I‘m watching creatures and I‘m feeling tortures
of some very cruel kind
Trying to get up and run away from this hell
The fear insinde me makes me blind
Locked up with a demon in an empty cell
which is trying to rape my mind

Verse III

I‘m waking up and feel the sweat on my blanket
The nightmare gets outta sight
It‘s deep night and I can feel my heart beating
I grab my pillow tight
I swear I‘m gonna change, I‘m gonna need some more
From darkness right into the light
Become a better person with a merciful core
and the demons will know I‘m alright


The absence of void is gonna get you
Your sanity is gonna lost in space
The absence of void is gonna get you
A mixture of madness, pane and haze