Backseat of my Cadillac

Release Date: 10/27/2020

Morbid Approach · Backseat of my Cadillac


Verse I

Riding my pink Cadillac – down the road
Looking at my backseat, it‘s cramped with heavy load
My heart is pumping faster, my mind full of desire
Hardrock from my radio, my stomach burns like fire

Verse II

Riding my pink Cadillac – the backseat is in use
The night will be a hot one – I feel it in my douce
While groupies wait for nothing, I turn my head around
Watching my cute baby – can‘t wait for another round


Look at my backseat – but protect your eyes
Cause her beauty makes you blind
Look at my backset – and hear the cries
of old school metal from behind


Stop it man, this is the police. What‘s on your backseat?
Well, this is nothing, officer.
Don‘t try to fool me. Move away that blanket.
No, it‘s just … No, don‘t you!
Fuck! He‘s armed! That guy has a fucking Laney amplifier on his fucking backseat!