Bad City Nightmare

Release Date: 10/29/2020

Morbid Approach ยท Bad City Nightmare


Verse I

Empty streets, surrounded by dead silence
A city in complete lock down
The whole world is losing its balance
Moved us to a forlorn ghost town
No girls around, no high heels and no lipstick
No freaks - fighting in the street
Agony - I would call it homesick
It's knocking me off my feet

Verse II

Cruising down the streets of desperation
Slap-bang I see your shape
A glossy angel in this down-and-out location
A sanguine way to escape
Tongues are touching, skin is inflaming
Stickin' in and pullin' out
At a higher purpose we are aiming
Giving me a real knockout.


Calling for an angel (for an angel)
in sexy underwear (sexy underwear)
Calling for a bawdy escort (bawdy escort)
in this bad city nightmare (bad nightmare)
Screaming for a lady in catsuit (in catsuit)
having a keen affair (keen affair)
Screaming at the top of arousal (of arousal)
in this bad city nightmare (bad nightmare)