Never been there

Release Date: 10/28/2020

Morbid Approach · Never been there


Verse I

The sun goes up – God‘s lifting the curtains
a bright blue sky is flashing my mind
The beach is crowded – desire starts hurting
a paradise of a special kind

The sun goes down – God‘s dropping the curtains
The afterglow is flashing my mind
The beach is lonesome – desire starts hurting
a thousand palms of a special kind

Verse II

Sunlight sparkles – California invites me
Santa Barbara – it‘s calling me twice
Making music – under a palm tree
Please welcome me to your paradise!

Meet my bros – living in leisure
enjoy the lifestyle of the L.A. guys
The ice cold ocean comes up with pleasure
no more need for European disguise


Never been there
But some day I will reach you
I took so much care
of my dying dreams