Release Date: 10/30/2020

Morbid Approach · Passion


Verse I

Feel the steel, your fingers burn like fire
burning alive, burning in desire
Knock me out – with volume and distortion
Twist my brain – confusion and contortion

The rythm in your blood, the loudness in your veins
the gig‘s passing by, but the elation remains
There ain‘t no need for beer, no girl satisfies you
there‘s only one real thing – just music is true

Verse II

Bring your wife, your friends and your children
you gonna rock their brains, cuz you're one in a million
Crowds go wild, though you can‘t see them
Living your own way, where hardrock is a real gem

Close the ranks, no matter where you‘re from
in whatever you believe, there‘s a new world that will come
the hate in their mind, the glow in their eyes
replaced by passion – it‘s the humans new sunrise


Passion – for your life
it ends your journey, and you will arrive