Talking to the Dead

Release Date: 11/15/2020

Morbid Approach · Talking to the Dead


Verse I

Coated in bright light – blazing like the sun
your mind in bad condition – your soul is on the run
Faces from the past – appear and fade away
open-ended questions – but anything to say

Verse II

Calling for your sister – seeking for your aunt
Answers to your questions – is all that you just want
The figures of dead people – draw their circles tight
It's all that you have begged for – but now it brings you fright

Verse III

The way into the abyss – is harder than a stone
the stone that beats instead of the heart that you should own
Instead of building bridges you torn the bond in twain
You trespassed a location – driving you insane

Verse IV

Trapped between dimensions – not dead and not alive
damned to live aimlessly – caught in a beehive
beyond the world of living – no vacuum and no air
you search for deceased loved ones but there's nobody here


I'm talking to the dead – but no one is there
Hearing voices in my head – which don't seem to care